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Stone Group Lawyers is an established and reputable law firm offering legal services in the areas of immigration, property, commercial & business, family, and litigation. Our offices are situated at the commercial centre in Southport on the Gold Coast and Riverside Centre in Brisbane City

Stone Group Lawyers offer our clients a personalised and professional service and we pride ourselves on providing our clients with expert advice in a timely and efficient manner. We have a long history of achieving highly favourable results for our clients, large and small. 

The team at Stone Group Lawyers are committed to ensuring that we achieve the best possible outcome for you, no matter your legal concern.

What is the difference between a Migration Agent and Migration Lawyer?

Both migration agents and lawyers can provide migration law advice and assist you with your visa application to Australia, however there are key differences between migration agents and lawyers, including:

The concept of legal professional privilege can only be claimed by a lawyer.

Legal professional privilege protects confidential communication between a lawyer and their client from disclosure. 

This is a protection afforded to you and should reassure you that your information will remain confidential with your migration lawyer.

Migration Lawyer

Requires a law degree or equivalent course, practical legal training and evidence they are a fit and proper person. This will generally take up over 4 years to complete. They are also required to be admitted by the Supreme Court before they can provide legal advice.

Migration Agent

Requires Graduate Diploma in Australian Migration Law and Practice and successful completion of Capstone assessment. This will generally take up to 12 months to complete. They are also required to be registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) to provide advice.

Migration Lawyers are subject to the Legal Profession Act, Australian Solicitors Conduct Rules and other regulations imposed by each state and territory government.

Migration Agents are subject to the OMARA code of conduct.

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